Yacht Charter Antigua and Barbuda, Caribbean – It’s not surprising that Antigua and Barbuda, the Sister islands are among the foremost Caribbean destinations for the world’s best and most exclusive charter yachts. The capital of Antigua and its largest city is St. John’s.

 Antigua itself is one of the major yachting centers in the Caribbean, Antigua (pronounced An-tee’ga) and its sister Island, Barbuda, lie at 17 degrees 5 minutes north latitude and 61 degrees 48 minutes west longitude.

Barbuda, about 30 miles due north of Antigua, the sister island is a largely uninhabited low flat island with miles and miles of near-deserted sandy beaches.

Antigua and Barbuda Ports and Anchorages




English Harbour
Falmouth Harbour
Jolly Harbour
St. John’s
Indian Creek
Mamora Bay
Nonsuch Bay
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Sailing & Motor Yacht Charters in Antigua
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