Yacht Charter South Korea: South Korea is a land of stark contrasts and wild contradictions. A place where tradition and technology are equally embraced skyscrapers loom over ancient temples, and the frantic pace of life is offset by the serenity of nature. When arrive with a smile and a respectful attitude  you will be welcomed with open arms by some of the friendliest people on the planet.

The capital, Seoul, contains a number of historic highlights, including the spectacular Joseon-era Gyeongbokgung Palace, “the great south gate” of Namdaemun and the eerie Seodaemun Prison – all tucked away amid gleaming offices, giant shopping centres, world-class restaurants and hipster bars.

When it comes to nature, South Korea is wonderfully diverse, with spectacular national parks, remote sandy beaches, hot spring islands and rugged mountain peaks.

South Korea can sometimes seem like the most foreign place on Earth, an unfathomable destination of curious customs, strange food and jarring paradoxes. Ultimately, that’s what makes it so exciting.


South Korea Ports and Anchorages

Daepori | Daesan | Inchon | Koje | Ko Jung | Kunsan | Kwangyang | Masan | Mogpo | Okkye | Okpo | Onsan | Pohang | Pusan | Pyeong Taek | Pyungtaek | Samcheon Po | Samchok | Seoul | Sokcho | Tonghae | Ulsan | Yeosu | Yosu


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